David Andelman and Ian Bremmer – China and the U.S. (Worldfocus)

February 5, 2010 – Week in Review: China and the United States (Worldfocus)

David Andelman, editor of the World Policy Journal, and Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, joined Martin Savidge for the Worldfocus weekly roundtable on Chinese-American relations.

Sino-American relations have faced a turbulent few weeks, as the Obama administration appears to be adopting a less conciliatory approach to Beijing.
The United States approved the sale of missiles to Taiwan despite Chinese opposition, and President Obama has also agreed to sit down with the Dalai Obama, despite warnings from the Chinese government against such a meeting.
Trade is another point of contention between the two nations, and China today announced that it would place a duty on imports of American poultry. This move is retaliation for an American tariff placed on Chinese tires by the Obama administration in September.

And Obama, this week, also promised to become “much tougher” on Chinese trade. 

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