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Digital Freedom & Control: Latin America

As the hemisphere moves away from the vestiges of dictatorship, free access to information has become a priority for upholding democratic values. The Internet has emerged as the source and destination for much of that information, with new tools that allow journalists and users to share information like never before.

Investigative journalism in Latin America has found a new home on the Internet, where there’s more editorial control and freedom than in traditional newspapers and television stations. This series profiles five online-only publications that are breaking new ground, not only in investigations but also in everyday reporting on issues of public interest.

These sites are all partially supported by outside sources like international foundations. They exist outside traditional newsrooms and have found that this independence, along with the new tools afforded by the Internet, is helping investigative journalism gain prominence in Latin America.

El Faro: The Story of El Salvador, by Anna Edgerton
An award-winning digital newspaper sets the standard for investigative journalism in crime-ridden Central America. 

CIPER: Chile’s Secrets Online, by Anna Merlan
CIPER, well financed with a fulltime staff, pioneered a model for online investigative reporting, promoting government accountability and shaking up Chilean journalism.

Crime and Corruption Exposed in Panama, by Ingrid Rojas
Mi Panama Transparente uses interactive tools such as crowdsourcing and mapping to engage ordinary people in gathering information.

Journalists and Narco-bloggers Cover Mexico, by Natalia Martinez
Online tools allow independent reporters to cover one of the most dangerous conflicts on earth: Mexico's drug wars. 

Investigative Journalism Online, by Connie Preti
Innovative organizations and publications in Latin America revolutionizing the field of journalism. 



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