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Conventional Wisdom and the Next Unknown

In the latest issue of World Policy Journal, Jack Devine, a former leader of the CIA’s clandestine service, and Amanda Mattingly, a current colleague of his at the Arkin Group, discuss the unknowns that the international community must confront in the coming years. From IS to Crimea, China to Chile, Russia to Israel, Devine and Mattingly discuss what they view as the growing trends in an increasingly interconnected yet unknown world.

In the interactive Prezi featured below, World Policy Journal's Patrick Balbierz articulates the nature of these unknowns and the places in the world where they will have the greatest consequences.

Click here to view the interactive Prezi.

For more, read Jack Devine and Amanda Mattingly's contribution to the Spring 2015 issue of Journal, titled "Conventional Wisdom & the Next Unknown."



Patrick Balbierz is an editorial assistant at World Policy Journal.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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