World Policy Newsletter, Week of January 29th

Around the World

The European Commission has initiated an inquiry into a new law in Poland limiting the power of the Constitutional Tribunal. Anna Gwiazda explains that pressure from European countries and domestic opposition groups is necessary to counteract this threat to Poland’s democratic institutions.

While political and civil liberties are restricted in much of the world, George Paik argues that freedom is innate to all people. He contends that all liberal states should propagate a moral narrative defending freedom in order to fight the efforts of state and non-state actors to suppress this natural human need. Meanwhile, Jonathan Power contends that despite rollbacks in civil and political liberties in many countries this past year, progress toward democracy in several countries offers hope for future trends.

And finally, in this week’s episode of World Policy On Air, Portafolio editor-in-chief Ricardo Ávila discusses how violent protests and poor economic conditions in Peru overshadowed the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting in Lima in October, expanding upon his analysis of the Latin American ‘hangover’ from World Policy Journal’s latest issue.

Around the Institute

The inaugural event in our new World Policy Security Series, led by WPI fellow Dr. Jonathan Cristol, will be a roundtable discussion on Feb. 3, 2016 featuring Dr. Wojtek Wolfe of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. In this off-the-record discussion, titled “Money, Oil, and Proxy Wars: Saudi Arabia’s Changing Status Quo,” Dr. Wolfe argues that policymakers need to prepare for multiple contingencies and a changing environment in both energy production and fiscal outflows. This event is by invitation only.

On Feb. 11, 2016, World Policy Institute will begin its Cuban Reset Dialogues, a yearlong series that will feature leading figures in law, finance, and governance to assess the state of play in U.S.-Cuban reconciliation and trade. Pedro Freyre launches the series by addressing the evolving regulatory space and offering ground-level insight on the prospects for restored bilateral trade and investment. This event is by invitation only.

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Fellow Updates

Michael A. Genovese writes for World Policy Journal’s Left Coast Perspectives blog on the rise of the imperial executive in democracies around the world.

Shaun Randol’s The Mantle published three books by Botswana playwright Donald Molosi, We Are All Blue (with a foreword by President Quett Masire), Blue, Black and White, and Motswana: Africa, Dream Again.



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