World Policy Newsletter, Week of November 3rd

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Elections can change the course of social movements, and voters’ choices can reverberate far beyond national borders, as stories from Spain, Kenya, and Liberia demonstrate in World Policy Journal’s fall issue.

The crisis in Spain continues to unfold in the wake of the Catalan independence vote. Bernardo Gutiérrez details how, since taking office, former activists in Barcelona, Madrid, and A Coruña, have presented compelling alternatives to neoliberal governance.

Kenya’s plan to build a coal plant on the doorstep of an historic island has sparked some of the country’s most intense environmental organizing in years, writes Nanjala Nyabola. As the dust settles from a contentious general election, the plant’s future remains uncertain.

LGBT Liberians have begun to organize and make more public demands for equality. Robbie Corey-Boulet reports on how the movement’s leaders are contending with possible U.S. funding cuts and domestic politicians eager to stoke homophobia during Liberia’s campaign season.

This week, our online contributors discuss the environmental debates around organic food production across Africa and oil drilling in Norway.

Nigerian biochemist Mojisola Ojebode explains how accessible and affordable organic food could improve Africa’s environment, economy, and overall health.

Hannah Buehler examines how, amid intensifying pressure from environmental advocates, Norway must decide whether to invest in oil drilling off the shores of the Lofoten archipelago.

This week on World Policy On Air, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein discusses the global investigation into the multinational gaming organizations that dominate the lottery industry.



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