The Art and Politics of Fiction: Vladimir Nabokov and Contemporary Russia

The Art and Politics of Fiction:

Vladimir Nabokov and Contemporary Russia

International Affairs at The New School and the World Policy Institute invite you to

The Art and Politics of Fiction: Vladimir Nabokov and Contemporary Russia

A conversation with

Professor Ian Buruma, Bard College

Ambassador Jack F. Matlock, Columbia University

Professor Nina Khrushcheva, The New School and World Policy Institute

On the occasion of Professor Khrushcheva’s new book, Imagining Nabokov: Russia Between Art and Politics (Yale University Press, 2007), the author and two eminent observers of world politics will discuss the intersecting passages of art and politics in contemporary Russia, from Nabokov’s idiosyncratic relationship with his former homeland to the current Putin era.

Introduction by Anthony Anemone, Chair and Associate Provost of Foreign Languages, The New School.

Moderated by Jonathan Bach, Associate Director of the Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School.

Panelist Biographies

Ian Buruma writes regularly for The New Times Magazine and The New York Review of Books as well as for other publications. Professor of democracy, human rights and journalism at Bard College, he is the author of many books including The Wages of Guilt, Occidentalism, and Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance.

Jack F. Matlock, who currently teaches International Relations at Columbia University, served as the last U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to1991. He is the author of Autopsy on an Empire: The American Ambassador’s Account of the Collapse of the Soviet Union, and Reagan and Gorbachev: How the Cold War Ended.

Nina Khrushcheva is associate professor in the Graduate Program of International Affairs at the New School and senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.

Read a review of Imagining Nabokov from The Economist here.


The Art and Politics of Fiction


Friday, March 7, 2008 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Conversation and reception


Wolff Conference Room

List Academic Center

65 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor

New York, New York

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