Lissa Weinmann

Senior Fellow

Areas of Expertise:  Socio-economic implications of national energy strategies, U.S. nuclear power and nuclear waste management, U.S. Latin America policy, Cuba, Cuban health care, impacts of embargoes, film

Experience:  Ms. Weinmann is a writer and communications/political consultant with diverse national and international public affairs experience currently focusing on the socioeconomic impacts and democratic implications of national energy strategies on communities across the world. 

Ms. Weinmann is expert on Latin American political economy with a long-time special interest in embargoes and U.S.-Cuba policy.  She directed the Cuba Project at the World Policy Institute from 1998 to 2010, a national educational program on the socio-economic impact U.S. policy toward Cuba on diverse national interests, Cuban Americans and Cuba itself.  The project pioneered the use of internet video and convened the highly successful annual ‘National Summits on Cuba’ which brought diverse domestic and international stakeholders together to discuss a Cuba policy that could better address shared needs, a discussion that culminated in a legislative opening of U.S. food sales to Cuba. 

Ms. Weinmann has consulted on a documentary films on nuclear power and Cuba’s healthcare system.

Before coming to WPI, she was vice president of Abernathy MacGregor Inc. in New York, a top U.S. investor relations / communications firm, where she specialized in Latin American corporate and government clients. 

She earned a BS in journalism at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and a master of international affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Ms. Weinmann was a founder and director of a bipartisan national coalition of prominent Americans who worked to normalize food and medical trade with Cuba: Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba.

She serves as Vice President of the Brattleboro Film Festival in Brattleboro, Vermont and  co-owner of ‘The Laundromat,’ a multi-media cooperative arts space in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Directed national education effort on the domestic impact of U.S. embargo on Cuba;  foundor/director of Americans For Humanitarian Trade With Cuba (AHTC); Vice President in Latin American communications strategy at Abernathy MacGregor Inc.   Masters thesis on the Colombia’s Consejo Regional Indigena del Cauca/impact of  drug trade and US eradication efforts on native communities; reporter/writer for various magazines and local newspapers.  Testimony to U.S. Congress and various domestic and international venues on  political and socio-economic impacts of U.S.-Cuba policy.

Honors & Affiliations:

Vice President, Brattleboro Film Festival

M.I.A. (Master in International Affairs) emphasis on political economy and Latin America, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

B.S. in Journalism, The Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University

Fluent in Spanish  

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