Shaun Randol

Associate Fellow

Expertise: Conflict Transcendence; Regional Conflict Resolution/Prevention; International Relations Theory (general); Soft Power; Collective Security and Security Communities; Global Governance; Peace; China; Sino-Indian relations; Constructivism; Private Military Firms.

Background: Shaun Randol is the World Policy Institute’s first Associate Fellow, a position created in 2008 to bring promising young internationalist writers and thinkers into WPI’s network of public intellectuals, journalists and scholars.

Shaun is the Founder and Editor of The Mantle, a forum for progressive critique, located on the web at The Mantle encourages and promotes the voices of promising, young, progressive intellectuals worldwide. The Mantle critiques popular and influential international books, literature, film, documentaries, and elements of society and culture, as well as hosting blogs and virtual roundtable discussions on timely social and political questions.

Shaun has contributed to the World Policy Journal blog, Foreign Policy in Focus, International Affairs Forum, among other outlets, and has published a several journal articles. Shaun is also an analyst at the Global Association of Risk Professionals. On occasion, he also publishes poetry.

Shaun is interested in the following topics and welcomes opportunities to research, write and publish material about: Conflict Transcendence; Regional Conflict Resolution/Prevention; International Relations Theory (general); Soft Power; Collective Security and Security Communities; Global Governance; Peace; Constructivism; Private Military Firms.

BA – Political Science, McKendree University
MA – International Affairs, The New School

Twitter: @shaunrandol
Popcornography”  was mentioned inHuffington Post, February 13, 2013.

Happiness is a Warm Glock: Paul Barrett on American's Gun,” LA Review of Books, January 21,2013.

"Masked Faces, Censored Hope: An Interview with Artist Shurooq Amin," January 4, 2013.

Reviewed Kristin Omarsdottir's "Children in Reindeer Woods" forWorld Literature Today, November 2, 2012. 

America’s Favorite Handgun,” Salon, September 23, 2012.
Rude Boys," The Mantle, September 19, 2012.

Jail, Censors Leave Imprint on Exiled Myanmar Artist,”Bloomberg Businessweek, September 18, 2012.

Labels Matter,” on terms associated with privatized militaries. International Affairs Forum (June 3, 2009).
PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, “Evolution/Revolution” – Correspondent. Nine articles penned over five days can be found here (April 30 – May 4, 2009): "Meeting Roland Barthes,""PEN’s Short-Attention Span Theater," "An Economic Sachs-down!,""“Quiet” Induces Speechlessness,""A Picture's Worth a Million Words,""Fear, Musings,""A Smorgasbord of Global Voices," "On Real and Imagined Conflict Zones,"""We Must Be Radical"".
No Love in a Time of Cholera,” and a “Response,” Strategic Dialogue: Responsibility to Protect, Foreign Policy in Focus (March 23, 2009).
Africa: The Next Boon for Private Military Firms?International Affairs Forum (February 4, 2009).
Lawless vs. the Lawless,” International Affairs Forum (January 2, 2009).
Guerrillero Heroico: A Review of Che,Foreign Policy in Focus (December 22, 2008).
The Rise of China’s Human Flesh Search Engine,” World Policy Journal blog (December 15, 2008).
Nukes in the Himalayas,” World Policy Journal blog (October 15, 2008).
China’s Chechnya?World Policy Journal blog (September 16-17, 2008).
China Cracks the Door,” World Policy Journal blog (August 4, 2008).
China’s Tipping Point,” with Sarah D. Schulman Boundaries and Crossings(March 2008).
“Studying and Practicing Diplomacy in the Next Millennium: State Level,” The McKendrean (Summer 1999): 18-19.

Prisoner in My Own Country for Open Letters Review, July 2011. 

"Soft Sell Mercenaries," Contexts (Spring 2010). 
“How to Approach the Elephant: Chinese Perceptions toward India in the Twenty-first Century.” Asian Affairs 34, no. 4(Winter 2008): 211-26.
Who You Gonna Call? Third Parties, Conflict Resolution, and the End of the Cold War,” Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution, with Brian Frederking and Andrea Pyatt (June 2000).
Interview. “Young and uninsured.” Tavis Smiley Show (September 27, 2008).
Grown Up & Uninsured,” Newsweek (January 20, 2003).
“Private Military Firms in Iraq and the Effects of Maintaining Community Coherence at Home and Abroad.” Conflict and Complexity: Conflict Research Society and Conflict Analysis Research Centre, University of Kent, Canterbury (UK), Long-distance presentation. September 2-3, 2008.
“New War Order? On the Use of Private Military Firms as an Emergent Norm,” paper submitted to Society for the Study of Social Problems, Global Division Graduate Student Paper Competition.
“Sudan and Islamocracy: A Second Chance for Setting the First?” Class presentation for “Religion & Democracy,” December, 2006.
“Is Just War Theory Dead? The Unprecedented ‘War on Terror’ and the Need for Alternative Means of Combating Terrorism.” Pacific Northwest Political Science Association annual meeting, Vancouver, B.C. October 16-18, 2003.
“The United States Government: A Terrorist Organization? A Pragmatic and Theoretical Approach.” Illinois Conference for Students of Political Science, Illinois State University, April 10, 2003.
“Who You Gonna Call? Third Parties, Conflict Resolution, and the End of the Cold War,” with Dr. Brian Frederking and Andrea Pyatt. Illinois Political Science Association, Chicago, October 23, 1999.
Interview with Paul Barrett, “Mass Shootings: America’s Gun Culture and the Way Forward,” has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books and on, January 20, 2013.
Moderated "For the Sake of Others," an online roundtable that asked four artists and allies to comment on the role of artists in conflict zones. WPI Senior Fellow Todd Lester participated in the conversation, November,  2012.
Claudia Dreifus hosted Shaun Randol, Christopher Shay, and other editors for "Editors Night" at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs, October 10, 2012.
Interview with Paul M. Barrett on his bookGlock: The Rise of America's Gun, was published by the Los Angeles Review of Books, September 21, 2012. 

Moderated The Mantle's salon on "The Future of Painting," featuring digital media artist Erik Sanner, on September 12, 2012 in New York City.

Interviews Left Forum Coordinator, Seth Adler, on The Politics of Solidarity Forum, March 15, 2011. 

Covered World Science Festival 2010 in New York City for The Mantle, June 2-6, 2010.  Coverage availble here.
PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, “Evolution/Revolution.” New York City, April 27-May 3, 2009. (PEN American Center Correspondent).  
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: 2009 Junior Fellows Conference, “New Stakeholders, New Solutions?” Washington, D.C., April 23, 2009.
1989 and Beyond: The Future of Democracy. The Transregional Center for Democratic Studies and Research Network 1989. Symposium. The New School for Social Research, New York City. April 18-19, 2008.
Forceful Engagement: The Role of Force and the Armed Forces in post-Cold War U.S. Foreign Policy. Symposium. Graduate Program for International Affairs, The New School University and Security Policy Working Group, New York City. April 10, 2008.
Emerging Security Issues. Symposium. The New School University, New York City. Oct. 19, 2007.

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