Can Poroshenko Navigate A New European Landscape?

Ukraine's president-elect Petro Poroshenko inherets a politically volatile country torn between the East and the West. In light of separatist referendums, a violent coup, and ongoing violence Ukraine's future will be a rocky one. Will Poroshenko be able to navigate it strategically?

World Policy Journal editor David A. Andelman discussed on Al Jazeera America how the business mogul and multi-billion dollar "Chocolate King," may in fact be able to mitigate virtually opposite worlds. A succesful capitalist and oligarch, Poroshenko understands the world of Russian politics. Similarly, Russia's Vladimir Putin is likely to see Poroshenko as a leader perhaps not unlike himself, Andelman noted. While tension between Ukraine and Russia remains high, Poroshenko may be able to effectively work with the belligerent Kremlin.

At the same time, Poroshenko has expressed support for a Ukraine more closely allied to the European Union, a promising sign for pro-Western Ukranians. As right-wing parties sweep European Parliamentary elections in Western Europe, Ukraine's new oligarch will be able to deal and work with the newly elected leaders. Poroshenko, politically connected capitalist and a large supplier of jobs, may be able to woo both pro-Western Ukrainians, pro-Russian Ukranians, and a wary Putin.


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