Writers Guidelines

In addition to policy articles and commentary at the core of the magazine, World Policy Journal also publishes cultural essays, profiles, reportage, photojournalism, Q&As with compelling international figures, and illustrations and cartoons from around the globe.

While the majority of articles are commissioned, we do accept unsolicited pitches and manuscripts. In selecting pieces for publication, we look for a strong point of view expressed in a lively, non-academic style. Each issue has a cover theme chosen by the editors, though at least half of each issue is given to topical articles on a broad array of subjects.

Submissions should run between 2,000 and 5,000 words and include a short letter to introduce the article. We are particularly receptive to contributions from journalists, scholars, and thinkers residing in countries other than the United States, though the magazine is edited and published in English.

Policy Articles
We are particularly interested in issues concerning international affairs,  economics, human rights, regional conflict, and the environment. Submissions should present a well-supported point of view and offer provocative policy recommendations. To the extent possible, articles should be based on interviews and other primary sources of information that will set it apart from the writings of others on a given subject and increase its timeliness.

Social and Cultural Essays
We also publish articles that consider such broader social and cultural issues as immigration, exile, and ethnicity; that provide insight into a historical era, event, or person; that illuminate cultural change and cross-cultural influences; or explore the role of literature and art in political discourse.

World Policy Journal takes pride in a long tradition of publishing exemplary first-person reporting from regions or on subjects not widely covered in the general media. Articles should be written in a vivid style, with a texture and narrative that transports readers to the location, while exploring larger themes and policy implications.

Submissions should be sent to Managing Editor Laurel Jarombek: jarombek@worldpolicy.org, as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment.

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