World Policy Journal: Spring 2018

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Nationalism and Free Speech


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Editor’s Note: Nationalism and Free Speech
Jessica Loudis introduces the Spring 2018 issue of World Policy Journal.

24-Hour-Party-People: The Boom and Bust of Britain’s New Age Traveler Movement
Dan Fox explores how caravans of countercultural Brits changed the U.K. landscape for more than two decades, and shaped legislation around public space.

Life On Mars: Dubai Prepares to Send a Probe to Space
Rahel Aima looks at how Emirati nationalism is being refashioned around militarism and technofuturism—and by sending a mission to Mars.

Freudian Slips: Argentina’s History with Psychoanalysis
Mariano Ben Plotkin considers the legacy of psychoanalysis under the dictatorship, and how it’s fared in the years since.

Anatomy: Where Are You From?
A 2016 Pew Center poll found that most people consider language to be a key component of national identity. WPJ looks at how accessible six European countries are to those who don’t speak the primary national language.

White Flight: Debunking the Claims of Polish Nationalists
Jennifer Wilson examines how far-right Polish nationalists can be seen as white in their homeland, but not if they travel to the United Kingdom.

Only a Shadow: How Tragedy Defines El Salvador’s Sense of Self
Horacio Castellanos Moya writes about how El Salvador’s sense of self has been defined by a brutal civil war, and more recently by gang violence.

Sound Systems: Jamaican Roots-Reggae Artists Take a Cue from the Past
Kwame Dawes considers how a new musical movement in Jamaica is borrowing from the reggae ethos of earlier decades.

Anatomy: A Museum by Any Other Name
WPJ explores countries’ political and colonial histories by looking at how the names of museums have changed over time.

Gender Trouble: What Feminists Can Learn from Egypt’s Revolution
Sarah Leonard and Yasmin El-Rifae discuss how women and civil-society groups responded to violence in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution, and what the #MeToo movement can learn from that experience.

Forbidden Colors: Japan’s Relationship with Homosexuality
Hiroaki Sato considers Japan’s history with homosexuality through the case of acclaimed writer Yukio Mishima.

All in a Day’s Work
WPJ features an excerpt from the posthumous memoir of Grove Press publisher Barney Rosset.



Jafar Panahi and Jamsheed Akrami
Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi discusses his life, his work, and Iran’s attitude toward censorship with Iranian film scholar and director Jamsheed Akrami.



LGBTQ Ugandans Balance Hope and Fear
Several years after Uganda’s legislature considered—and defeated—a virulently homophobic bill, photographer Jake Naughton captures intimate moments in the lives of LGBTQ Ugandans.



Keep Calm and Carry On: Singapore’s Leaders Use Commerce to Quell Dissent
Kirsten Han reports on how Singapore’s leaders use the idea of creating a “business-friendly” environment to suppress free speech.

Banking on the Future: On China’s “Sperm Crisis” and Population Planning
Ayo Wahlberg considers the explosion of sperm banks in China, and whether the country is really dealing with a self-reported shortage of sperm.

Safe Spaces: Female Syrian Refugees Adjust to Life Without Male Breadwinners
Samira Shackle reports on how female Syrian refugees in Jordan are making due without husbands and sons, and the infrastructures that are materializing to help them out.

Estonia Goes Digital: E-Citizenship in the Age of Russian Cyberagression
Orit Gat on how Estonia’s radical e-citizenship project is faring as Russia doubles down on internet offenses.

Last Word: What Does “Hospitality” Really Mean?
South African poet and journalist Antjie Krog considers the forgotten meanings of “hospitality.”

Drink Special: The Fellow Traveler
WPJ‘s new cocktail editor, Eben Klemm, introduces an international-affairs-themed drink.


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