World Policy Institute – American Grand Strategy After September 11


Senior Fellow,
Sherle Schwenninger

Senior Fellow Sherle Schwenninger is undertaking a book project in American foreign policy in the post-Sept. 11 world.

The principal challenge the United States faces over the next decade is to marshal broad international support for dealing with a world plagued by disorder and underdevelopment. The most worrying threats to American wellbeing do not come from traditional geopolitical rivalries but from the lack of effective governance in many parts of the world and from a global economy that suffers from weak international institutions and inadequate consumption and investment in developing regions. America ¥s post-cold-war obsession with dominance is counterproductive to meeting this challenge and to redressing transnational problems like terrorism, weapons proliferation, drug and arms trafficking, and other problems associated with a global shadow economy. The main goal of American foreign policy should therefore be to encourage the development of other responsible centers of power and authority capable of working together to expand zones of peace and prosperity, encourage middle-class development in emerging regions and build effective global institutions of world order.


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