Dispatches from the 2012 Milton Wolf Seminar

Co-hosted by the Center for Global Communication Studies at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, the American Austrian Foundation, and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, the annual Milton Wolf Seminar tackles contemporary issues at the nexus of diplomacy and journalism—both broadly defined.  The 2012 Seminar, “Transitions Transformed:  Ideas of Information and Democracy Post-2011” explored the evolving relationship between new media and democratic transition in light of recent events in Hungary, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Tunisia. 

A diverse range of academics, policy makers, and diplomats participated in the two days of presentations and discussions, including: Sarah Labowitz, Policy Adviser to the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the U.S. State Department and former head of the State Department’s internet freedom program; Ženet Mujić, Senior Adviser on the Freedom of the Media for the OSCE; Rob Faris, Research Director of the Berkman Center; and Zoltán Kovács, Hungary's State Secretary for Government Communications, among many others. 

The 2012 Milton Wolf Emerging Scholar Fellows, an accomplished group of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows selected to attend the seminar, authored the blog posts featured here.  Their posts highlight the critical themes and ongoing debates raised during the Seminar discussions. For more information about past and upcoming Milton Wolf Seminars, please contact Amelia Arsenault.

The Internet, Soft War, Sovereignty and China

In the first of five dispatches from the 2012 Milton  Wolf Seminar, Rogier Creemers discusses two distinct approaches to Internet regulation and offers a historic perspective on the conflict.

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The Architecture of Democracy

In the second of five dispatches from the 2012 Milton Wolf Seminar, Endre Dányi looks at the importance of the Hungarian Parliament building to the country's democracy. 

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Information Space and Empowerment in a Changing World

In the third of five dispatches from the 2012 Milton Wolf Seminar, Leshuo Dong analyzes what players and principles should govern domestic and international informational spaces. 

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Competing Narratives Over Internet Freedom

In the fourth of five dispatches from the 2012 Milton Wolf Seminar, Sandra Ristovska argues that the Chinese government promotes what she calls "authoritarian deliberation." 

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The Tangled Web of 'Internet Freedom'

In the last of five dispatches from the 2012 Milton Wolf Seminar, Roy Revie tackles the contradictions of a U.S. policy that promotes Internet freedoms while using the medium to accomplish foreign policy aims.

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More information on the Center for Global Communication Studies' Milton Wolf Seminars can be found here.


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