Dispatches from the 2012 Blouin Creative Leadership Summit

Five Editorial Associates for World Policy Journal attended last week's Blouin Creative Leadership Summit in New York City, a large gathering of academics, CEOs, technology innovators and leading global thinkers. These posts highlight the critical themes and ongoing debates that were discussed.

Post-Arab Spring

 David A. Andelman introduces the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit panel on the Middle East after the Arab Spring, arguing that Saudi Arabia ended up the U.S.'s closet ally in the region and that many of the passions that energized the revolutions of 2011 are now being turned toward the United States.

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Asymmetric Threats

David A. Andelman introduces the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit Panel on Global Security Challenges dealing with two forms of asymmetric threats.

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The Problem with Internet Regulation

Governments around the world want to regulate the Internet. But given the rapid and accelerating pace of technological innovation, Adam Scholl argues that their slow-moving attempts inevitably backfire.

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Toward a More Nimble UN

As world leaders convene in New York City this week, Carlo Davis points out an underlying issue which enables modern asymmetric threats: the timidity of the UN.

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For Complex Economies, No More Band-Aid Solutions

Amid complex economic challenges, many economic experts lament the failures of short-term mechanisms to address financial instability. WPJ Editorial Associate Hallie Golden reports from two financial panels at the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit.

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The Arab Fall                                       

As the influence of Western powers in the Middle East continues to dwindle, Jared Feldschreiber covered a panel of experts at the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit who debate the future of the region and what the West's role should be in them.

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