Comic Timing: WPJ’s Cartoonist Looks Back at President Obama’s First Term

For the last five years, Damien Glez, a Burkina Faso-based cartoonist, has been World Policy Journal's cartoonist, even doing our fall Democracy cover. Glez's hilarious, often biting, cartoons have made him no stranger to controversy. About three years ago, he drew fire for his caricature of the King of Morocco in the French newspaper Le Monde. When Spain’s leading daily El Pais republished the same cartoon, the government of Morocco promptly banned the newspaper from the Kingdom and ordered all copies seized. 

The following seven cartoons come from his portfolio of work that will be featured at ART SOIREE Productions' 3rd Annual Cartoonist Exhibit, called First-Term Retrospective. The show is truly global take on Obama's first term. On the evening of Saturday, January 19, just in time for the inauguration in D.C., this exhibit will take viewers on a journey back through Obama’s first four years through the eyes of the world’s most respected editorial cartoonists. 

"For over 500 years the art of political cartoons has been used to convey social and political messages through the use of images familiar to all of the people in a society. In the U.S., this powerful form of art has always reflected key moments in history." Art Soiree


For more information visit: WWW.THEARTSOIREE.COM


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