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WPJ Live: Greg Lindsay and Kavitha Rajagopalan

WPJ Editorial Assistant Johana Bhuiyan spoke to WPI fellows, Greg Lindsay and Kavitha Rajagopalan about The Emergent Cities Project. The Emergent Cities Project is a multi-phase venture to create policy proposals that effectively remedy the inefficiencies of the informal economy. Rather than regulating the informal, Rajagopalan and Lindsay propose a bottom-up approach that better incorporates the innovation that informality undoubtedly breeds. By focusing on the relationship between the formal and informal economies within emegent cities and comparing it to the policy solutions presented in cities in the global North, both fellows hope to create policies that establish more successful and efficient emergent cities in the global South.

About Kavitha Rajagopalan: http://www.worldpolicy.org/kavitha-rajagopalan

About Greg Lindsay: http://www.worldpolicy.org/greg-lindsay


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