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Infographic: Rising Remittances

By World Policy Journal

World Policy Journal’s Summer 2014 Issue, “Change Matters” features “Map Room: Whither Remittances,” which examines top senders and receivers of remittances in Asia as a percentage of each country’s total GDP. Based on 2012 World Bank and IMF data, Jordan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Nepal proved to be three of the top receivers.

Remittances are an increasingly important source of external financing for developing countries, proving particularly significant during the global financial crisis and projected to continue growing in coming years.

In an exclusive infographic, World Policy Journal presents the remittance inflows in Jordan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Nepal in terms of their impact on GDP, recent growth patterns, and the top countries sending them.



Online infographic produced by Cleo Abramian, editorial assistant at World Policy Journal.

[Original infographic designed by Meehyun Nam-Thompson]

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