Tunneling to Survive: The Inside Story

By World Policy Journal

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered an on-the-ground offensive into Gaza in an effort to weaken Hamas. Israeli soldiers are dismantling rocket launch sites and underground tunnels that run from Gaza to Israel. Hamas uses underground tunnels to smuggle arms and even armed gunmen. But these tunnels are also how many Palestinians get basic supplies, bypassing the Israeli blockade.

Photojournalist Ahmed Deeb takes us through the smuggling tunnels running between Egypt and Gaza, similar to those between Israel and Gaza. Through his photo exclusive, we meet Mohammed Alhwani, a 12-year-0ld Palestinian boy who works underground.

Deeb's Portfolio piece originally appeared in World Policy Journal's Summer 2014 Issue. In a follow-up interview, Marya Pasciuto digs deeper into the story in this video:

(For optimal viewing experience, watch the video in 720p HD)

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[Photos courtesy of Ahmed Deeb; video produced by Marya Pasciuto]

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