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Infographic: Kenya’s Child Care in Crisis

By World Policy Journal

In the absence of formal child care facilities, what can be done to help working mothers? Our Summer 2014 Issue, "Change Matters," featured an article by Sabrina Natasha Premji, "Child Care in Crisis," that argued that governments in sub-Saharan Africa must coordinate with private funders and provide financial resources in order to develop an integrated child care and education system throughout the region.

Highlighting profound statistics regarding educational failures and successes worldwide, the following infographic presents some of the most stark facts from Premji's original article:


Click here to see the Piktochart.

For more information please see our Summer 2014 issue.  



Infographic produced by Aliza Goldberg, editorial assistant at World Policy Journal and graduate student at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

[Photo courtesy of Sabrina Natasha Premji]

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