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Interactive Presentation: Walking the Wall

By World Policy Journal

The devastating effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, not only claimed many lives, but also resulted in the complete shutdown of Japan’s nuclear plants, forcing the Japanese government to re-imagine its energy policy. Unable to meet energy demands domestically, Japan has resorted to importing most of its fossil fuels—an unsustainable long-term solution.

In our Summer 2014 issue, Paul Sullivan argues in “Walking the Wall” that the country will need to diversify its energy sources by establishing a more resilient and flexible electricity system, dedicating research to renewable energy, and developing energy savings programs.

This online Prezi highlights the current energy issues in Japan along with potential solutions for a sustainable way forward.



The online Prezi was created by Lara Pham, editorial assistant at World Policy Journal and master’s candidate in international affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

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