World Policy Journal Announces Official Channel on UBrainTV

World Policy Journal is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive channel on UBrainTV, an online, international TV network dedicated to sharing breakthrough ideas.

Based in London, UBrainTV was established in 2010 by United Brain Networks Ltd. In 2011, it was named one of the ‘100 International Companies to Watch’ by Think London, London’s official foreign direct investment agency (now London & Partners). In 2013, UBrainTV Japan was created, in an effort to expand the channel’s global reach. The network features thought leaders speaking on a variety of important global issues.

Visit World Policy Journal‘s channel for the latest video content featuring thought leaders on important world issues. David A. Andelman, editor of World Policy Journal will serve as a senior adviser at UBrainTV.

World Policy Journal editor David A. Andelman speaks with Nobel Laureate Ramos-Horta on Guinea-Bissau and South China Sea disputes.