Walter Eberstadt World Economic Policy Program

The World Policy Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Walter Eberstadt World Economic Policy Program

For over a decade, Walter served as Chair of the World Policy Institute. His vision and leadership played a critical role in shaping our work, pushing the Institute to produce cutting-edge research and publications that challenge conventional wisdom and offer innovative solutions.

“The future should be very much involved with international, not only political, but economics and financial affairs. We have just emerged –I hope we have emerged- from a major, major financial crisis and I think the WPI and the talents it commands are tailor made for trying to lead the way out of this.” – Walter Eberstadt, 2012

Building on the success of the World Economic Roundtables, the Walter Eberstadt World Economic Policy Program  focuses on developing  policy research and public education aimed at charting a course through the post-bubble world economy. Roundtables and panel discussions explore rapidly changing patterns of trade, market innovation, employment, regulation, and policy intervention – issues that were close to the heart of the late Walter Eberstadt, Chairman Emeritus of the World Policy Institute Board of Directors. These interactive discussions and private receptions with speakers such as John Lipsky are held several times a year and bring together the best of market and policy thinking to chart a course through the post-bubble world economy.

The Walter Eberstadt World Economic Policy Program will continue Walter’s legacy, bringing together the best minds across the finance and policy worlds to develop innovative policy responses to changes in the world economy. The program’s goal is to lay the foundation for a more widely shared global prosperity.

Initial support for this program has been provided by generous gifts from George and Michael Eberstadt, on behalf of the Eberstadt family; and from Henry Arnhold, longtime friend, colleague, and co-chair of the World Policy Advisory Board. 

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