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Sumud: Behind the Barrier Between Bethlehem and Jerusalem

The barrier dividing Bethlehem from Jerusalem, built to keep in place the Oslo Accords, dates back to 1995. The living impact of this barrier is significant, as the most militarized checkpoints become covered with art.

In Sumud: The Palestinian Art of Existence, from the World Policy Journal Fall 2014 Issue, Rebecca Gould traces the contours of the relationship between commuters and the barrier—invoking sumud, literally meaning steadfastness, but more colloquially the impulse to resist a concrete art of existence. Thie Slidely show below includes some of the images that inspired her article.

Sumud: The Palestinian Art of Existence, courtesy of Slidely Slideshow

From the Fall 2014 Issue “Connectivity



Slidely Show created by Sophie des Beauvais

[Photos courtesy of Kate Gould and MaanNews]

[Music courtesy of Niyaz]


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