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Map Room: The Threat of Russification?

From the Winter 2014/2015 Issue “Europe Under Fire

Many Russians living under President Vladimir Putin’s rule believe the Kremlin has not adequately addressed their needs and desires. From his oppressive regulations to his mismanagement of the economy, a growing segment of the Russian population believe his administration is hindering their personal and professional growth. As a result, many of Russia’s elite artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs have fled, seeking countries with greater economic opportunity, more freedom, and a dynamic environment. In August, the EU expressed its discontent with Russia’s annexation of Crimea by sanctioning Russian officials in the energy, financial, and arms sectors. Putin retaliated with a year-long food ban not only affecting goods from the EU, but also from North America, Australia, and Norway. This boycott serves as a threat to European countries who welcome Russian immigrants, and to those who remain behind, preventing Western influences that could lure more to the EU and beyond. World Policy Journal examines the emigration patterns of Russians throughout Europe and the implications of the current food ban.

[Designed by Meehyun Nam-Thompson, compiled by Alyssa Stein, Itamar Hauser, and Samantha Plesser]

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