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Timeline: Russia’s Aggression Leads to Decline

By Patrick Balbierz

Ranging from international sanctions, to house-by-house abductions of Ukrainian patriots, the Crimean crisis has seen a vast array of abuses by Russian-supported rebels and the Russian army themselves. The aggression shown by Russia and its paramilitaries in Crimea have drawn substantial condemnation from the international community. Sanctions implemented by a number of countries, particularly the EU and the U.S., have since pushed the Russian economy into a downward spiral. 

Our interactive timeline chronicles major developments in the crisis while also shedding light on the human experience taking place behind the headlines. In the midst of a veritable chess match taking place between nations, you can find numerous events in the story of Crimean activist Mikhail Vdovchenko, the subject of a probing profile in the current issue of World Policy Journal

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