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Map Room: Latin Americans on the Move

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From the Winter 2015/16 Issue “Latin America On Life Support?

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Much attention has been paid to the migration of Latin Americans to the United States and Europe. However, intra-regional migration is growing as well. New destination countries such as Mexico and Ecuador are becoming important settling points. Strong economies in Mexico and Chile draw migrants from across the region, while widespread violence in countries such as Colombia and Guatemala forces many to seek asylum in neighboring nations. This Map Room examines these new migration patterns, highlighting three case studies that best characterize the complexities of these flows.




Compiled by Ana Dávila, Liza Kane-Harnett, and Karina Taylor

Designed by Meehyun Nam-Thompson

Sources: UNHCR, NCR Online, Migration Policy Institute, Washington Office on Latin America, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, International Organization for Migration, Organization of American States, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, CIA World Factbook


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