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Around the World

The Islamic State’s attacks in Brussels targeted one of Europe’s major transport hubs, a symbol of the EU’s freedom of movement. Lisa De Bode suggests that the attacks may lead to further militarization and crumbling of open-border policies.

As thousands continue to cross the Mediterranean, Europe is increasingly cooperating with northern African nations on migration policies. Jan Claudius Völkel argues that the EU should establish secure ways to enter its territory, rather than fund countries with records of violating the rights of vulnerable refugee populations

Meanwhile, in Norway, the seven islands of the Lofoten Arctic Pelago act like a huge strainer in the Arctic Ocean, collecting the debris and plastics that float in with the tide. Award-winning photographer June Grønseth issues a call to action in a photo essay capturing the arresting juxtaposition between this deadly ocean pollution and the natural beauty of the region.

Finally, on today’s episode of World Policy On Air, World Policy Journal Managing Editor Yaffa Fredrick discusses responses to the Big Question posed in the spring 2016 issue: “Is affirmative action necessary to overcome institutional racism?” Experts from New Zealand to Israel weigh in on the consequences of affirmative action programs across the globe.

Board & Council Updates

Diana Glassman, director and visiting lecturer at UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Sciences and Management, presented Chief Sustainability Officer 2.0 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on March 16. CSO 2.0 shows how to increase revenue and profit by engaging millennials, customers, and employees, as well as by crossing organizational silos to impact product design and marketing decisions.

Nadine B. Hack, CEO of beCause Global Consulting and the first woman executive-in-residence at IMD Business School, is featured as “A Woman of Conviction” in E The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive. She will give the keynote speech, “Winning Your Audience–The DNA of Engagement” at the annual conference of the U.K. Association of Proposal Management Professionals.


Fellow Updates

Belinda Cooper moderated a panel on March 23 titled “The Balkan Wars: Women’s Bodies as Targets of Ethnic Cleansing” at a conference on sexual violence in conflict at Columbia University.

Jonathan Cristol spoke to Al Jazeera English and Middle East Eye about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s recent speeches to the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C.  He wrote about Russia’s “surprise” withdrawal from Syria in MUN: Planet and discussed national security and the U.S. election on WOSU, National Public Radio’s “All Sides with Ann Fisher.”

Kavitha Rajagopalan wrote recent op-eds for New York Observer about how the GOP ignores its own advice on immigration and India’s looming energy crisis.

Shaun Randol interviewed African playwright Donald Molosi for The Mantle’s podcast about his new collection of plays We Are All Blue and the current state of politics and arts in Botswana.

David Stevens co-hosted with Jonathan Cristol the March edition of the talk series Jargon Redacted: Seriously Irreverent Conversations About Policy, which focused on the theme of “The Body.”

Sherle Schwenninger hosted this month’s World Economic Roundtable on “Europe and the German Economy: New Stresses and Strains,” which featured Gabor Steingart, chairman of the Handelsblatt publishing group. The event was featured prominently in the Handelsblatt Global.



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[Photo courtesy of Dr Les Sachs]

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