World Policy Newsletter, Week of July 8th

Global Perspectives on the U.S. Election

Continuing our online series covering global perspectives on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we present articles from Singapore and Turkey:

Tee Zhuo discusses the various Singaporean responses to the presidential campaign, looking at the candidates’ policies through the lens of two of Singapore’s most important national interests: trade and regional security

Oset Babur explains how the next U.S. administration’s approach to terrorism, the refugee crisis, and social liberties will affect U.S.-Turkish relations.

Stay tuned for additional perspectives from Israel, Mexico, Canada, France, and India.


World Policy Journal

The summer issue of World Policy JournalRenegade Cities, is now available! This issue explores some of the emerging lessons as municipalities grapple with the challenges of the 21st century, as well as attempts by the state to harness the creativity of the city.

Book Releases

The second edition of WPI@LMU President Michael A. Genovese’s book, The Post-Heroic Presidency, has been released. Genovese and co-author Todd L. Belt explain how the last seven U.S. presidents exercised presidential power within the constraints of a globalized world. They propose a foundation upon which future presidents must base American foreign policy in a world undergoing increasingly disruptive change.

WPI@LMU fellows Kerstin Fisk and Jennifer M. Ramos’ new book, Preventive Force, brings together experts to examine the controversial strategy of preventive force, in the context of both full-scale war and drone strikes. This timely release comes as the U.S. is increasingly using military force to counter potential threats around the globe.


Media Appearances

Jonathan Cristol discusses the recent internal memo criticizing President Obama’s policy in Syria with Middle East Eye.

Yaffa Fredrick presents at Radio Days Africa about adapting stories from the Panama Papers leaks into podcasts as part of the Africa Investigates series. She discusses the differences between Hillary and Bill Clinton in Washington Post article “Young women don’t care about Bill Clinton’s sexual misdeeds.”

Nina Khrushcheva examines Vladimir Putin’s perspectives on U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in CNN.

James H. Nolt discusses the intentions behind Chinese military actions in the South China Sea in Voice of America.



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[Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore]

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