World Policy Newsletter, Week of October 7th

Trade Matters

On Sept. 28, World Policy Institute hosted, “Trade Matters: Lessons from the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement and Prospects for the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” bringing together panelists who were intimately involved in trade issues as negotiators and advisers for the U.S. and Korean governments.

The speakers—Wendy Cutler, vice president and managing director of the Asia Society Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.; Matthew Goodman, senior adviser for Asian economics and the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Gheewhan Kim, the consul general of the Republic of Korea in New York—spoke about the international trade deals in detail, providing insight into the current status of trade agreements in the Asia Pacific.

Cutler defended the often-scrutinized U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, arguing that other macroeconomic factors are to blame for increased U.S. trade deficit with Korea. All three panelists agreed that the TPP is a “win-win” agreement and expressed hope that Congress will ratify the deal, bringing mutually beneficial provisions into effect and fostering unity among member countries.

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The panel discussion was covered by several Korean media outlets, including Yonhap News, Yonhap News TV, Segye Daily, Daily Hankook, Korea Daily New York, and The Korea Times.


Around the Institute

On Thursday, Oct. 13, World Policy Institute will host its next World Economic Roundtable, “New Nationalist Challenges to Globalization: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.” The rise of various forms of nationalism throughout advanced industrialized economies, as evidenced by the Brexit vote in the U.K. and the growing popularity of nationalist parties in other countries, presents interesting challenges to globalization. Featured speaker Robert Johnson, president of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, will speak on the causes of this rising nationalism and its implications on politics and global economic growth.

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Fellow Updates

Alon Ben-Meir will host a discussion with Ambassador Ashraf El Nour of the International Organization for Migration on Nov. 3.

Jonathan Cristol discusses the United States’ termination of Syrian peace talks in Middle East Eye. He also interviewed Steven Cook about the status of Turkey’s democracy and the U.S.-Turkey relationship in Off the Record, On the Record.

Nadine B. Hack was featured as “A Woman of Conviction” in E The Magazine for Today’s Female. On Oct. 19, she will give the keynote speech on “The DNA of Engagement” at the annual U.K. Association of Proposal Management Processionals conference.

William Hartung was recently quoted with reference to U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia on NPR’s Morning Edition. His article in The Huffington Post defends the U.S. military position as the strongest in the world while urging for discipline in Pentagon spending.

Shaun Randol and his Queens-based independent book publishing company, The Mantle, were recently profiled by the QNS.

Martin Walker has been elected a member of the Academie des Lettres et des Arts du Perigord.



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