World Policy Newsletter, Week of September 29th

From public health to pollution to child rights, on-the-ground activists bring the world’s attention to critical issues. This week, we take a look at how an entrepreneur in Nigeria, an artist in Norway, and a former public official in India are shining light on social and environmental challenges.

Ogo Maduewesi explores the dire health risks of many skin-whitening products, and argues that skin bleaching, common in countries across Africa and around the world, must be treated as a public-health concern.

It is estimated that 450 million tons of plastic were produced this year alone. Photographer June Grønseth documents the environmental devastation caused by plastic pollution near her home in Lofoten, Norway.

World Policy Journal speaks with activist Shantha Sinha about the continuance of child poverty, child labor, and child marriage in India, despite several laws meant to prevent them.


World Policy Events

Arms and Allies: Security Cooperation in East Asia

The recent North Korean missile and nuclear tests have pushed East Asia to the front pages of newspapers across the country and around the world. On Tuesday, Oct. 10, World Policy will host a panel that focuses on the constellation of U.S. alliances in East Asia and how these strategic partners work together to combat major regional challenges, including containing North Korea and ensuring the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

Panelists include:

Hyun-Wook Kim, Professor of American Studies, Korea National Diplomatic Academy
Ankit Panda, Senior Editor, The Diplomat
Emilia Puma, Foreign Policy Adviser for the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff

Moderator: Jonathan Cristol, Fellow, World Policy Institute

Welcome remarks from Gheewhan Kim, Consul General for the Republic of Korea in New York.


World Policy On Air

This week on World Policy On Air, we speak with World Policy senior fellow James H. Nolt about how a slide into open conflict on the Korean peninsula may be more likely than we think.



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