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Theorists have long recognized the family as the place where “politics become personal,” writes Christopher Shay. Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that so-called “traditional family values” are often used to “cajole and coerce the public.” In the pages of World Policy Journal’s fall issue, we cover the ways in which the concept of family is being reasserted and redefined.

Following in the footsteps of the Islamic State, the Pakistani Taliban’s propaganda has begun targeting young women. Rafia Zakaria discusses how notions of femininity, domesticity, and family are being transformed as jihadi groups vie for female recruits.

Since the passage of Nicaragua’s total abortion ban in 2006, growing numbers of women have reported abuse. Ian Bateson explores how activists and survivors are challenging the culture of impunity that develops when men believe they have power over women’s bodies.

Prime Minister Shinzô Abe’s policies, argues Chelsea Szendi Schieder, privilege the family unit over the individual. A proposed constitutional revision may further prevent women in Japan from escaping abusive situations.

From the Fellows

Erica Dingman speaks with climate activist Dario Schwörer about his visits to Canada’s indigenous communities, where the cultural and environmental effects of tourism and development are a topic of spirited debate.

James H. Nolt explains why President Trump is unlikely to drop his talk about trade imbalances with China, and why domestic factors are pushing the nations toward economic conflict.

This week on World Policy On Air, World Policy fellow Jonathan Cristol discusses the future of security cooperation in East Asia as inflammatory rhetoric raises tensions on the Korean peninsula.



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