Corporate partnerships provide WPI an opportunity to further engage the business community in the policy conversation. We provide value to executives looking to broaden their understanding of particular regions or events, develop their professional networks, or expand the perspective of their employees through engagement with leaders outside of their field. WPI can expose your brand to about 2,000,000 people in 192 countries, allowing you to expand your audience. 

[Jargon Redacted]

[Jargon Redacted] is a monthly paid and subscription based discussion series guided by World Policy Institute fellows Jonathan Cristol and David Stevens that gives young professionals and students the opportunity to discuss politics and policy in a fun, low-stakes environment. [Jargon Redacted]  allows participants to talk about politics in a way that is unavailable at work or home, hear different perspectives and opinions on complex political issues, and expand their social and professional networks by meeting engaged and motivated people with similar interests in public affairs.

World Policy Journal Launch Party

Quarterly launch party for new issues of World Policy Journal to drive subscriptions and provide an initial point of connection for younger potential members: students, and young professionals.