France comes to make us slaves. God gave us liberty; France has no right to take it away. Burn the cities, destroy the harvests, poison the wells, show the white man the hell he comes to make. —Toussaint L’Ouverture, founder of the second American republic, 1801

You are peasants; you are poor. You are the same color I am. They don’t like you. Your hair is kinky, same as mine. They don’t like you. Your children are not children of big shots. They don’t like you. —President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, December 2002

Uneven enforcement of criminal law and efforts to revive army imperil troubled nation’s future:

Haiti’s problems are the product of a deeply-divided and dysfunctional society, not just failed leadership:

Exorcising Haiti’s ghosts:



Why Aristide should have completed the three years stolen by the military coup:

International human rights law calls for the restoration of democracy, but not foreign intervention in the democratic process itself:

Haiti is not Somalia: the case for intervention:


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How Washington unintentionally helps sustain autocratic rule in Cuba:

A leftist caudillo’s police state:


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Dominican Republic:

Blind octagenarian holds on to power through vote fraud:


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Revolution and invasion:

L to R: Dep. P.M. Bernard Coard, Foreign Minister Unison Whiteman, Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley (March 1980)


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