12×12 Project Community Build

The World Policy Institute (WPI), in collaboration with top New York City artists, invites the public and the media to view the first art installation of The 12×12 Project at Queens Botanical Garden beginning on July 2, 2013. The installation, along with artists who will engage in a community dialog, will be in residence at the Garden through the month of July.

The first installation of the 12×12 at Queens Botanical Gardens will begin with a community build at the site on July 2.  The initial build will be erected by Habitat for Artists’ Simon Draper in collaboration with and with assistance from White Roof Project, Bus Roots, Aellon and The Refugee and Immigrant Fund. The installation is a simple, modular space that houses panels containing text and questions from the Twelve by Twelve book. These panels will vary, allowing the project to grow and evolve. Participants including the public, invited groups and artists will engage with the question: “What’s your 12×12?” to spark new thinking around what smart consumption means for each person.

The structure will be designed with sustainable materials to bring the 12×12 concept to life. While the interior and exterior reflect and collect thoughts and discussions, the 'butterfly' roof, resembling an open book, will collect and channel rainwater into barrels for use within the structure and for an eventual garden component. Elements in and around the 12×12 pavilion will evolve as different artists and invited groups take up short-term residencies and incorporate new reflections expanding the concepts of community and conscious living. Future versions of the installation may involve solar photovoltaic panels and/or a roof garden.

For more information about the 12×12 Project, visit our project page here, or our website at the12x12project.tumblr.com.

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