Afghanistan Beyond 2014: A Private Roundtable Lunch Discussion with Three Afghan Civil Society Leaders

World Policy Institute and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung North America present:

Afghanistan Beyond 2014
A private roundtable lunch discussion with three Afghan civil society leaders:

  • Nargis Nehan, Executive Director, EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy
  • Musarat Hussain, Program Manager, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Afghanistan
  • Masood Karukhil, Director, The Liaison Office

Moderated by Michelle Fanzo, Project Leader, World Policy Institute

Thursday, February 14th
Noon – 2:00 PM

This event is by invitation only.

As NATO and other international forces transition out of active roles over the next two years, things are looking up in Afghanistan. With violence down and health care improving, death rates among men are half of what they were ten years ago. Incomes are rising. Most children are enrolled in school, and 40% of those students are girls for whom education is no longer just a dream. Yet the country still faces significant social, political, and security challenges. Presidential elections in 2014 and parliamentary elections in 2015 will provoke discussions on political settlement, reform, and reconciliation among the country’s conflicting factions. What impact will the drawdown of international forces have on security and human rights in Afghanistan? What role can civil society play in the upcoming political campaigns and in guaranteeing free and fair elections? How can the international community support a successful transition for Afghanistan?

About the Speakers

Masood Karokhail is a founding member and now the director of The Liaison Office (TLO) in Kabul, Afghanistan. Mr. Karokhail has led TLO’s development from a pilot research project in 2003 to an independent organization with over 200 staff members in nine separate field offices. In addition to a focus on strengthening traditional institutions, Mr. Karokhail is committed to creating sustainable outcomes and promoting dialogue. Mr. Karokhail is an expert on governance, tribal issues, and the political economy of Afghanistan and has authored and co-authored numerous articles on these subjects.

Nargis Nehan is the Executive Director and founder of EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy a nongovernmental and civil society organization advocating equal rights and access for all. Prior to this, she worked with the Afghan government in senior level positions for more than 7 years since the establishment of the Interim Administration of Afghanistan. Ms. Nehan is also recently appointed as the first female member of the Supreme Council of the Central Bank where she is representing civil society. She is also board member of Electoral Support Organization of Afghanistan (ESOA).

Musarat Hussain, Program Manager, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Afghanistan [bio to come].

Michelle Fanzo, Project Leader at World Policy Institute, has fourteen years experience in international affairs and nine in journalism, including working in the UN Office of the Secretary-General under Kofi Annan, and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. She has worked in Africa, Asia and most recentlyAfghanistan supporting development and humanitarian operations in the field, and strategy, policy and communications at UN Headquarters. Her deep understanding of the intersection of politics, policy, communications and humanism enables her to work effectively across sectors and cultures.

About the Sponsors

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