After the Spotlight: Following Post-Election Kenya

World Policy Institute and Fireside Research present:

After the Spotlight:
Following Post-Election Kenya
A private luncheon panel discussion featuring:

  • John Githongo, CEO, Inuka Kenya, Ltd.
  • Kwame Owino, CEO, Institute of Economic Affairs – Kenya

Moderated by Eddie Mandry, Associate Director, NYU Africa House

Tuesday, March 26th
Noon – 1:30 PM

This event is by invitation only

Political violence following Kenya’s disputed 2007 elections left more than 1,000 people dead and 350,000 displaced, while casting doubt on what had until then been Kenya’s reputation as a stabilizing force in a troubled region. The threat of new conflict, alongside the prospect of electoral misconduct, has flared again around this month’s polls—which analysts are predicting to be very close and contested largely along ethnic lines. How Kenya navigates the elections will have domestic, regional, and global implications. Any instability will put at risk large numbers of refugees, threaten mediation and support efforts in South Sudan and Somalia, and derail Kenya’s efforts to meet 2015 Millennium Development Goal poverty reduction targets. After the Spotlight will offer insights on the challenges facing the new government as it seeks to maintain regional influence, spur economic growth, and modernize domestic and regional infrastructure.

This digital conference will be led from New York with analysts participating via video conference from Nairobi.

About the Speakers

John Githongo is the CEO of Inuka Kenya, Ltd. A long-time anti-corruption campaigner, he has served as Permanent Secretary to President Mwai Kibaki for Governance and Ethics and as a Director of Transparency International. His efforts to stem corruption in Kenya’s government have been documented in Michela Wrong’s book It’s Our Turn to Eat: The Story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower.

Kwame Owino is the CEO of the Institute of Economic Affairs – Kenya, a Nairobi-based think tank focusing on the Kenyan economy, public affairs and policy.

Eddie Mandhry is the Associate Director of NYU Africa House where he is responsible for managing public engagement programs that spotlight Africa-focused research conducted by the NYU community and encouraging debate on evolving social, economic, and political trends linked to development in Africa.

About the Sponsors

The World Policy Institute is an ideas incubator focused on emerging global challenges, thinkers, and solutions. World Policy fellows, events, policy development and media outreach, alongside our flagship World Policy Journal, provide a forum for solution-directed policy analysis and debate in support of a sustainable market economy, effective governance, and broadened security strategies.

By providing a dynamic and reliable online forum where African voices can reach an international audience of policy makers and specialists, Fireside Research minimizes the obstacles of sourcing time-sensitive and specialist information from across the continent. It identifies and certifies local experts – grassroots analysts, journalists and scholars with ground-level knowledge – and facilitates their interaction with a global policy audience seeking information and contextual analysis from across the continent.

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