Art in the Green: “Fish & Crushed Can Story”


Tuesday, April 23 – Monday, July 22

Queens Botanical Garden is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition on Tuesday, April 23 in the Gallery of the Visitor & Administration Building: “Fish & Crushed Can Story” a series of prints, mixed-media artworks and artist books by Iandry Randriamandroso.  

Background Information

The exhibit was created from discarded, crushed aluminum cans found on the streets, cardboard and burlap from a local grocery, along with wordless hand-made books about a fish and a crushed can.  The story illustrates how growth is disrupted by invasive species. The fish represents nature and growth, and the crushed can represents the invasive species. The progressive illustrations are created from a crushed can imprint and a seabass drawing, and repetition is used to compose and to design each page to tell the story.

The artist created this series of work as a reflection and acknowledgement of himself, as being part of the cause of some environmental problems, and at the same time, acting as a co-creator in developing some creative solutions to the problems. Visitors will be invited to create their own art at an interactive print-making station that will remain in the Gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

"Individual effort is important in achieving a common goal. I found that in light of the environmental problems that we are facing today, an individual decision to bring about change is more important."

Iandry Randriamandroso. 

About the Artist

Originally from Madagascar, Mr. Randriamandroso, who goes by “Iandry”, is a Graphic and Community Artist who lives in New York City. Iandry specializes in graphic and mixed media art-making that focuses on environmental and social subjects. 

His goal is to create art that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. Audiences are directly engaged through participatory lectures, design workshops and art classes, forums he has developed through his personal art practice and years of exhibition history. His group projects involve people of varying ages and cultural backgrounds that come together through innovative projects in libraries, community centers, schools/universities, churches, museums and galleries. He uses his artworks as educational tools to facilitate inclusive and hands-on presentations, community arts workshops, art classes and mural projects in public and private venues around the US. 

As part of his tenure at QBG, Iandry will be holding community art projects, open to all ages, at QBG’s April 28th Arbor Festival as well as the June 23rd Summer Solstice Celebration.

“I create Art which is a visual language that can connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. An art that encourages people to express themselves, and helps build an understanding between people that can break cultural barriers.”

Fish & Crushed Can Story” is ongoing through July 22, 2013.  For more information about this exhibit or Queens Botanical Garden, please contact Darcy Hector at (718) 886-3800, ext. 330, or

Queens Botanical Garden is a World Policy Insitute venue partner on the 12×12 Project. A 12×12 pavilion will be installed at QBG this July.

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