Forced to Flee: Exiled Voices & Visions for Justice



Arts and Democracy, together with freeDimensional, are pleased to announce an upcoming conference call, Forced to Flee: Exiled Voices and Visions for Justice.

Emotions conveyed and evoked by art and culture can open hearts and minds, heal and transform, build community across difference, and promote peace, equality and justice, advancing positive social change. In Forced to Flee, we will hear refugee artists, artists forced into exile, cultural organizers and their allies talk about how they are using the power of art and culture to amplify the voices and visions of those forced to flee their countries of origin.


Presenters include: 


Sidd Joag, director of freeDimensional

Chaw ei TheinBurmese Artist and Activist

Erika Berg, founder of Refugee Youth Empowered 

and curator of Forced to Flee

Leilani Chan, performance artists, cultural workers and co-creator of Refugee Nation

The call will be moderated by Todd Lester (Arts-Policy Nexus / / Queer Art) and Kathie deNobriga (Arts & Democracy Project).  Andrea Assaf (Art 2 Action) will be a respondent.   To RSVP for call-in information, please click here.

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