Pakistan at the Crossroads? A Political Salon with Awais Khan

Pakistan at the Crossroads?
A Political Salon with Awais Khan

Thursday, March 28
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
This event is by invitation only.

Pakistan’s general elections this May come on the heels of popular outcries for free and fair elections, increased transparency, and an end to cronyism. If they go through unimpeded, the May elections will mark the first peaceful transition of power in the nation’s history. Is Pakistan at a historic crossroads? With the recent assassination attempt on child activist Malala Yousafzai and the ensuing global debates on women’s rights and education reform, will the May elections create opportunities for gains in democracy, human rights, and regional security? How can the international community best play a constructive role in this process?

In this Political Salon, American Pakistan Foundation President Awais Khan discusses this pivotal moment in Pakistan’s history and the role of the Pakistani diaspora in shaping the country's future.

About the Speaker

Awais Khan, President and CEO of the American Pakistan Foundation, has a wide range of experience in the private and public sectors. Prior to working at the American Pakistan Foundation, he was a Partner at Ackrell Capital, an investment bank specializing in early stage investments, placements, and cross border joint ventures. He has also held senior level positions with the Venture Capital Practice at KPMG, Dimension Data and Hewlett Packard.

About the Sponsors

The World Policy Institute is an ideas incubator focused on emerging global challenges, thinkers, and solutions. World Policy fellows, events, policy development and media outreach, alongside our flagship World Policy Journal, provide a forum for solution-directed policy analysis and debate in support of a sustainable market economy, effective governance, and broadened security strategies.

The mission of the American Pakistan Foundation is to catalyze support for projects and initiatives that are important to the future of Pakistan and its relationship with the United States.

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The Political Salon – organized by Steve Sokol since 2003 to promote dialogue among the next generation of leaders in business, policy, and the media – regularly convenes a diverse group of young professionals to discuss a range of foreign policy issues and global affairs. Attendees are diverse in terms of nationality, profession, and political persuasion.

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