The 12×12 Project at Queens Botanical Gardens

WHAT: The World Policy Institute, in collaboration with top New York City artists, invites you to view the 12×12 art installation

WHERE: Queens Botanical Garden(Directions here)

WHEN: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Until Aug. 4th, 2013. 

The 12×12 is a living art structure whose mission is to engage the public in dialogue about how smarter consumption might change their lives – and the planet. The installation will be open to the public on Tuesdays through Sundays from 10:00am to 6:00pm through the month of July.

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ABOUT THE 12×12 Project

The 12×12 Project stems from author and WPI Senior Fellow, William Powers, who was inspired by the powerful story of a North Carolina pediatrician who gave up a luxurious home to live off the grid in a 12' x 12' house and permaculture farm. Powers, who spent a season living in the tiny house, chronicled his stay in the 2010 award-winning, national "green living" bestseller, now in its fifth printing: Twelve by Twelve: A One Room Cabin, Off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream.

The installation is a simple, modular space that houses panels containing text and questions from the Twelve by Twelve book. These panels will vary, allowing the project to grow and evolve. Participants including the public, invited groups, and artists will engage with the question: "What's your 12×12?" to spark new thinking around what smart consumption means for each person.

The structure utilizes sustainable materials to bring the conversation to life. For example, while the interior and exterior reflect and collect thoughts and discussions, the ‘butterfly’ roof resembling an open book will collect and channel rainwater into barrels for use within the structure and for an eventual garden component. Elements in and around the 12 × 12 pavilion will evolve and change throughout time as additional artists and invited groups take up short-term residencies. They will further develop into a nationwide and global artistic community and expand the concepts and meaning of living lightly and more consciously. Future iterations of the pavilion may involve solar photovoltaic panels and/or a roof garden, depending on the discussions and initiatives by participants and the public.

Schedule of Events

The installation will be open to the public on Tuesdays through Sundays from 10:00am to 6:00pm through the month of July.

July – Queens Botanical Gardens
Starting on July 9, the first artist-in-residence will be Beth Grossman, a socio-political artist who sees the visual as a way to create community dialog.

Click here to see our line up of artists and their residency dates.

August – Migration to First Park
Following the installation at Queens Botanical Garden, the 12×12 will migrate to First Park, on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

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