World Economic Roundtable: Mapping the Impact of World Financial Reform

The New America Foundation and World Policy Institute present:

Mapping the Impact of World Financial Reform
A World Economic Roundtable with Ranu Daval, Robert Herz, and Edward Greene

February 9, 2012, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
King & Spalding, New York, NY

In this edition of the World Economic Roundtable, Ranu Daval, Robert Herz, and Edward Greene share their thoughts on efforts by global regulators to put in place measures – particularly harmonized accounting standards and capital requirements – to address the European banking crisis and to prevent systemic risk from building up to crisis levels. How is the world regulatory map changing as financial reforms are proposed and implemented, and what will the impact be?  How will the Federal Reserve's recent proposals on prudential regulation for large banks affect growth and markets?  What progress has been made on harmonization of accounting standards across borders, both to prevent regulatory arbitrage and to increase transparency?  How will the implementation of Basel III affect credit availability and economic growth, particularly in Europe and the United States?

About the Speakers

Ranu Dayal is a New York-based Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and lead author of the recent report "Facing Realities in Global Banking."

Robert Herz is Executive-in-Residence at Columbia Business School and former Chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Edward Greene is a Senior Partner at Cleary Gottlieb and former General Counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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