WPJ Twitter Chat: The Big Question

What does your country need to remain viable? 

In our Winter 2014/2015 issue, World Policy Journal asked a panel of experts to weigh in on how the current European crisis is affecting their corners of the continent and what their respective countries need to remain viable. Europe is in the throes of an identity crisis – perhaps the most profound since the creation of the European Union- and one that springs from deep economic distress in many of its member states and political division both within and without. 

Now we are opening the conversation to our World Policy audience. Follow #Europeunderfire to join in on the conversation. 

Our Big Question respondents participating in the Twitter Chat:

David Rinaldi, academic assistant at the College of Europe, Economics Departement, where he supports the activities of the European Economic Integration and Business program. @Rinaldi_David

Milena Hristova, is a Bulgarian Journalist and former editor-in-chief of Sofia News Agency. @Balkanreporter



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