Michelle Fanzo

michelle fanzo



disaster risk reduction
management of systemic risk
multi-sectoral partnerships
economic development in emerging markets
alliances and institutions


Michelle has fifteen years experience in international affairs and nine in journalism, including working in the UN Office of the Secretary-General under Kofi Annan, and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. She has worked in Africa, Asia and most recently Afghanistan supporting development and humanitarian operations in the field, and strategy, policy and communications at UN Headquarters. Her deep understanding of the intersection of politics, policy, communications and humanism enables her to work effectively across sectors, disciplines and cultures.

Michelle founded Four Corners Consulting in 2009, where she works at the interconnection of many of today’s development and security issues. Michelle consults to the US government, the UN, foundations, companies and non-profits on policy analysis and program strategy, risk management, sustainability, and cross-sectoral partnerships. Passionate about civic engagement, she wants to start a nation-wide conversation about our future.

Previously she directed field operations for Arzu, an NGO that provides jobs, healthcare and education to Afghan families; successfully negotiated with the Government of Myanmar to take action on a national HIV/AIDS crisis; and fostered a partnership with Coca-Cola to deliver perishable polio vaccines in remote Africa.

Michelle has lived in five countries, traveled to more than 40 and was a Robert Bosch Fellow in Germany. She has a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from Hampshire College, and studied media in London and visual communications in Florence, Italy. An avid outdoorswoman, Michelle is a competitive skydiver and a certified yoga instructor.


  • M.A. 
    University of Pittsburgh
  • B.A. 
    Hampshire College


  • World Policy Institute
  • Board Director, Himalayan Healthcare, 2012-present
  • Board Director, Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association, 2012-present
  • Robert Bosch Fellow, Berlin, Germany, 1997-1998
  • President and Founder of PUMP (Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project), 1996 – 1997

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