Lissa Weinmann,
WPI Senior Fellow


About the Project


National Summit on Cuba Archives


About the Project

The Cuba Project occupies the cutting edge of educational outreach on the domestic and international repercussions of the unilateral US embargo against Cuba. The project, created by Senior Fellow Lissa Ree Weinmann in 1997, focuses on examining the impact of US sanctions on state and society in Cuba and the United States.

The project organized National Summits on Cuba in Washington DC in 2002, Miami in 2003, Tampa in 2004, Mobile in 2005, and Newark in 2006, underscoring World Policy Institute's commitment to bring fresh voices on global policy issues to new audiences.

Newspapers and radio programs across the United States and abroad have interviewed and quoted project personnel on numerous occasions. DVDs that capture more than 80 prominent American leaders' points of view on U.S. Cuba policy at the National Summit on Cuba events have been catalogued by the Library of Congress and other prominent national repositories and are available through the project.