Sexual Orientation

It’s time America realized that there was no gay exemption in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence. Job discrimination against gays—or anybody else—is contrary to each of these founding principles.
  • Barry Goldwater, former Republican presidential candidate and Senator from Arizona, 1994

First comprehensive country-by-country report on rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons in the Americas.

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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court extends marriage to same-sex couples:

U.S. Supreme Court reverses course, supports sexual freedom:

Biological perspectives:

Religious perspectives:

Judeo-Christian traditions:


Native North American traditions:


Politics and Policy:

Atlas of Gay and Lesbian Rights:

  • Legal status of homosexuality around the world: maps
  • Laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in the United States: map
  • Laws regulating sexual behavior between consenting adults in North America (so-called sodomy laws): map
  • Hate crime laws in the United States: map
  • Marriage equality and other relationship recognition laws in the USA: map
  • Same-gender marriage bans in the United States: map

Treatment of Homosexuals in Latin America:

Breaking stereotypes and democratizing culture:


homophobia: insecurity about being heterosexual





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