1982: WPI Launches “Disarmament Video Survey”

But, perhaps a more notable example of the Institute’s media projects was the 1982 “Disarmament Video Survey,” which enlisted aspiring directors and filmmakers from around the world to interview individuals on issues of peace and disarmament. With over 3,000 interviews conducted during a massive 1982 rally in support of the UN Conference on Disarmament, variations of the film were produced in the form of eight hour-long compilations. These videos were then shown at public forums, along with closed circuit media vans, around New York City in an effort to mobilize the public and rally support for the conference.

Through projects, such as the Disarmament Video Survey, and Educational Radio Programs, the World Policy Institute placed itself at the forefront of a movement recognizing the political potential of art and media. Today, the World Policy Institute continues this tradition working on both sides of the Art-Policy divide; with senior fellows like Todd Lester and Susan Benesch, supporting and promoting the work of political artists and working to understand the media’s influence in our daily lives.