2003: WPI Cuba Project Sponsors Second National Summit on Cuba

On October 4, 2003, the project organized another summit, the National Summit on Cuba: Florida Summit, which was held in Miami in conjunction with a consortium of Cuban American organizations in favor of increased dialogue with Cuba. Keynote speaker Mikhail Gorbachev came to Miami to support these moderate Cuban Americans, who view the embargo as impeding their ability to participate in an evolving Cuba and thwarting the long-overdue process of national reconciliation. Gorbachev’s point of view was captured in a Washington Post op-ed piece he penned, “The Last Wall,” which ran the day of the summit. The project later brought all sides of the debate from within that important community together for a panel discussion/debate in New York in February 2004 and soon thereafter replicated the event on Capitol Hill with the support of various members of Congress who camefrom both sides of the debate.