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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man
—Thomas Jefferson, letter to Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800


Supermajority requirements in the Senate and state legislatures are crippling U.S. public policy. Time to limit minority veto power:

Race: the legacy of slavery continues to haunt the present:

  • Fort Myers News-Press (Florida), 16 March 2006: Contrary to a widely-held belief, Robert E. Lee described “the painful discipline" of slavery as necessary for Africans’ “instruction as a race,” and did not free his slaves — Lee held similar views about Mexicans and Asians: Lee County needs to re-examine link to Confederate general
  • Pacific News Service, 23 January 2003: The assault on affirmative action: Bush’s Snake Dance on Race

Electoral reform needed to get rid of gerrymandered congressional districts, guarantee all citizens effective representation, and ensure fair and color-blind representation of minorities:

US Latin America policies under George W. Bush lead to increasing isolation, “anti-Americanism”:

The terrorist challenge:

Political trends: independents gain strength as two-party system weakens and the US polarizes:

  • Globe and Mail, 29 May 2001: The defection of Senator James Jeffords of Vermont was about a lot more than control of the US Senate: Get ready for a third U.S. party

Presidential election 2000:

The political implications of economic integration:

Popular culture:


With safeguards, the property tax is often the fairest tax available to local government:

Misinterpreting the Second and Tenth Amendments:

Bill of Rights

How U.S. foreign policy can undermine human rights abroad:

The costs of not observing democracy and human rights abroad:

Immigration and democracy:


Drugs and public policy:

Holding to populist principles can win elections, even against the tide:

When is civil disobedience justified?:

The politics of human rights:

On the meaning of freedom:

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