World Policy Fundraising Campaign


Political debate has devolved into inane shouting matches. As the planet faces the existential crisis of climate change, we’re mired in the petty politics of the 24-hour news cycle. As technology allows a new generation of scholars and innovators to reshape our thinking, we’re collapsing into orthodoxies and developing policies for a world that no longer exists.

This is the moment World Policy was built to take on. We have writers and researchers across the world providing local insight into global trends; programs in Africa, the Arctic, and Latin America supporting fresh thinkers and innovators; and a long history of bringing diverse, global perspectives to issues such as populism, criminal justice, and the role of women in politics and policy. We paint a more complete picture of the world than our competitors, and, as a result, develop more relevant, accurate, and influential policy analysis than what is currently available.

As we launch our fundraising drive, we’re asking for your help as we expand our support for the local researchers, journalists, and innovators working to improve the world.

A donation to World Policy today would help us:

  • Expand Regional Programs into new areas, allowing us to identify new voices and innovators working at the local level
  • Bolster our Fellows Program with a new crop of brilliant, energetic thinkers
  • Increase our Investigative Journalism work to continue to shed light on corruption and abuse
  • Improve our Digital Presence by leveraging our growth among millennials to reach a broader, younger audience with more engaging digital content (for a great example, click here)
  • Increase the Frequency of NYC-based events, including those targeting young professionals, such as [Jargon Redacted] and World Policy Journal Launch Parties.

As a member of the World Policy community, you value nuance and context. You know that having diverse voices in key conversations and debates gives us the best chance to find policy solutions to critical global issues. In these dark times for journalism and research, World Policy will continue to be a home for those who value local understanding as much as elite ambition and those who seek answers, not just followers.

Please take the important step to ensure we have the resources we need to do this work. Show your support and make a contribution today.