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Current Updates:

June 7, 2007: Guantánamo, The Arms Trade, Cluster Bombs and More

April 26, 2007: Missile “Defense,” and More

March 23, 2007: Contractors Win in the War, Arm Sales and Cluster Bombs

February 23, 2007: Iran, North Korea, Blackwater, Walter Reade and Cluster Bombs

February 7, 2007: “Largest Military Budget Since WWII”

January 19, 2007: Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan

December 6, 2006: The Iraq Study Group, Congress and Bush’s Travel Bug

December 6, 2006: The Iraq Study Group, How Big a Change?

October 12, 2006: North Korea and Iraq

September 25, 2006: Potential War in Iran and Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

September 6, 2006: All Terror All the Time Rhetoric

July 12, 2006: No Progress at UN’s Small Arms Meeting

June 6, 2006: Iran, Iran, Iran (and India)

May 23, 2006: Venezuela, Iran and MPCs

May 9, 2006: Does Ray McGovern’s Reality have a “Well-Known Liberal Bias?”

March 30, 2006: Iran, Iraq and the Protest

February 1, 2006: Response to the State of the Union

January 23, 2006: Small Arms? Big Problem, Small Progress

January 11, 2006: Money for War

December 14, 2005: Iraq and Alabama

November 11, 2005: Iraq, National Security and Torture

October 19, 2005: Pakistan, Iraq, Rep. “Jack” Murtha, Defense Industry Cashing In, and Bechtel’s Bonanza

September 13, 2005: Katrina and the Politics of Security

September 13, 2005: The Iraq Quagmire, International Cooperation at the Crossroads, and Space: Bush’s Next Frontier

August 24, 2005: Revolving Doors, Randy Duke Cunningham, Lockheed Martin, and Resources on the Military Industrial Complex

July 26, 2005: The War Hits Home, Iraq and U.S. Casualty Figures, No Questions, and Bring The Troops Home

July 11, 2005: London Bombings, Paris Air Show, and Colombia Update

June 21, 2005: Oil and Arms, Oil and War, Iran, Guantanamo, Costs of War, Vicious Circle and Iraq, and the Good News

April 29, 2005: Nukes in May, Images of Americans Killed, Budget Bludgeons Poor, Picture of the Week

April 6, 2005: Nepal: U.S. Weapons at War

March 14, 2005: Nuclear Proliferation: Ongoing Challenges

March 2005,: Militarization of U.S. Africa Policy — A World Policy Institute Fact Sheet, by William D. Hartung and Frida Berrigan.

February 2005: Dollar Shift: The Iraq War and the Changing Face of Pentagon Contracting, by William D. Hartung and Frida Berrigan, February 2005.

January 28, 2005: The Iraqi Elections and Battling the Pentagon

January 20, 2005: The 2nd Bush Administration, Inaugural Donors, and Next Target: Iran?

January 11, 2005: New York Times Op-ed’s, Pentagon Budget FY 2006

December 22, 2004: RIP: Seymour Melman, Scandal and the Oil-for-Food Program, and Missile Defense Test, Kind of?

November 22, 2004: A Few Reasons To Be Thankful

November 5, 2004: Election Analysis and Lessons, Electoral Malfunctions, the Most Expensive Campaign Ever, Democracy on the March

October 27, 2004: Iraq, Colombia, Resources and New Publications

September 8, 2004: NOW with Bill Moyers, Against the Grain, and Additional Resources on the RNC Convention

August 25, 2004: RNC Perks and Party News Round-Up

August 4, 2004: Party Time at the DNC

August 3, 2004: Code Orange: A Progressive Agenda Against Terrorism

July 12, 2004: Small Arms? Big Problem and IRAQ: Arms Suppliers Scramble to Feed Hungry Market

June 22, 2004: “Private Military Contractors in Iraq and Beyond: A Question of Balance,” Prepared Statement by William D. Hartung.

June 21, 2004: Project Transition, Win Without War, Arms are for Hugging

May 26, 2004: Bush’s Speech, Lobbyists Bankrolling Politics, High Crimes and Boondoggles, Year of the Troops, Colombia Update, Depleted Morality

May 7, 2004: Negroponte, Torture in Iraq, and PMCs

April 29, 2004: Nuclear Proliferation and the NPT, and the Costs of War in Iraq

April 6, 2004: Nero Fiddled, Bush Strikes

March 11, 2004: New Reports and All Things Nuclear

February 6, 2004: Halliburton, Oil & Democracy, and Tax Time

January 29, 2004: Reports, Reports, Reports

January 20, 2004: Bush on Mars?, Washington Post/ABC News poll, and The Real State of the Union

HOW MUCH ARE YOU MAKING ON THE WAR, DADDY? — A Quick and Dirty Guide to War Profiteering in the Bush Administration, by William D. Hartung, January 15, 2004

November 10, 2003: The Wages of War, Hearts and Minds, Destroy, Rebuild and Profit, and Power Trip – The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

October 7, 2003: Money, Money, Money, Take Action and New CRS Report

October 1, 2003: War Profiteers: Northrop Grumman: “Defining the Future” or Profiting from War?

September 18, 2003: Lawmakers Making Noise

September 11, 2003: Mourn and Remember, Weapons Manufacturers Get Tough, Bush’s War Budget, London’s Weapons Fair, and Recent Articles

August 12, 2003: New Report Cites Insider-Dealing In the Rebuilding of Iraq – Watchdog Group Calls for Senate Investigation of War Profiteering

July 29, 2003: Ugly Americans in Paris, What I Saw at the Air Show, and Radio Interview on Kalashnikov

July 17, 2003: W. in Africa, Bush Foreign Policy Foes Speak Out, New Resources

July 7, 2003: UN Small Arms Agreement Poorly Implemented: New Report from IANSA

June 12, 2003: The Paris Air Show, G8 Summit and Amnesty’s New Report, and the Search for WMD and Truth in Iraq

May 20, 2003: New Report from Small Arms Survey

May 16, 2003: Lockheed Martin, Activists take on Merchants of Death, War Profiteering Resources, Why are so many African Governmnets Corrupt, Tid-bits

May 14, 2003: The “Oh Really” Factor, or How Bill O’Reilly Wimped Out

May 13, 2003: Saudi Arabia, PMC’s and Vinnell

April 22, 2003: War Profiteers – in Africa, as well as Iraq, and the Double Standard: Africa and Iraq

April 4, 2003: War Profiteers – Boeing, Advisors of Influence, Budget for War, and New Resources

March 24, 2003: War Profiteers – Raytheon, Resources

March 20, 2003: The Damn War Has Started, But We Need to Keep Hope Alive, and Resources for Hope and Action

March 7, 2003: Bush Presses for War, Rest In Peace Admiral Carroll, War and Peace, Remember Colombia and Resources

February 12, 2003: More Resources on Powell’s UN Presentation

February 11, 2003: Indonesia, Pentagon Busts the Bank, Missile Defense (Again), and Resources

January 31, 2003: State of the Union, Turkey, Philippines, Peace On, and Top DOD Contractors for FY 2002

January 15, 2003: Signs of Hope, Embracing the “I” word, and Tad Bits

December 19, 2002: Peace Movement Gaining Momentum, Missile Defense Test Failed, Deploy Anyway?, and New Resources

December 18, 2002: Missile Defense Deployment: Still Dangerous, Costly, and Irrelevant to Present Threats

November 21, 2002: Washington Abandons Afghanistan and New Resources

November 19, 2002: The Elections and The War, and UN Resolution 1441

October 30, 2002: North Korea, Missile Defense ‘Test’ Update, New Resources

October 11, 2002: New Resources, Iraq, Colombia, Upcoming Missile Defense Test

October 4, 2002: Increases in Military Spending and Security Assistance Since 9/11

September 20, 2002: Africa: The New Oil and Military Frontier and Indonesia: Resources and Conflict in Papua

September 9, 2002: The War on Terrorism and The War on Iraq

August 20, 2002: Bits and Pieces, Upcoming Missile Defense Test, New Grimmett Report Released

July 24, 2002: U.S. Weapons in Israel, Peace Under NEPAD, Invading Iraq, U.S. Supporting Terrorist Connected Military in Indonesia

June 28, 2002: G8 – Setting the World Straight, Bush and the Middle East, US Debates Sudanese Peace and Oil

June 6, 2002: Armageddon in South Asia, Update on Colombia

May 16, 2002: Global Reach – Global Power, New POGO Report, Bush-Putin Agreement, Farewell Crusader, Military Budget Update, and Resources, Actions, and New Articles

May 6, 2002: U.S. Arms Transfers and Security Assistance to Israel, ATRC Fact Sheet by Frida Berrigan and William Hartung

May 6, 2002: Haliburton’s War Bonanza, The Crusade for the Crusader, Iraq, and the Philippines

April 18, 2002: Hopeful Tidbits, Israel – Friend or Foe, Too Much is Never Enough – Emergency Supplemental, U.S. Ignorance in Somalia, and Sovereignty vs. The Inter-Congolese Dialogue

March 14, 2002: War on Terror Expands at Expense of Human Rights, Seven Minutes to Nuclear Midnight, Bush’s Nuclear Plan, and Sudan’s Civilian Casualties

March 11, 2002: US Aid to Colombia, and US Arms Sales and the India/Pakistan Conflict

February 27, 2002: Africa’s Merchant of Death: Victor Bout, Middle East Peace Plan, and Africa Policy Outlook 2002

February 8, 2002: The Military Budget, Enron and the Pentagon, and Black Hawk Down

February 6, 2002: $396 Billion for the Military: Not enough! Not Enough???

January 18, 2002: Rumsfeld: Matinee Idol or Liar-in-Chief, Disarming Sierra Leone, Al Qaeda and the DRC

January 16, 2002: The Nuclear Posture Review, An Alternative Review, and Corporations Behaving Badly

December 20, 2001: The Military Budget, Mounting Death Toll in Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Moving In On Somalia

December 17, 2001: The War Profiteers: How Are Weapons Manufacturers Faring In The War?

December 13, 2001: The Dirty Dozen: Partners in Mass Destruction, a joint project by WILPF and ATRC.

December 7, 2001: A Special Brief: The Weapons of “Enduring Freedom,” by Frida Berrigan

December 6, 2001: Afghanistan, Continued: Does War Really Work?, Civilian Deaths, Costs of War, Ad Hoc Alliances and Unsavory Arms Sales, Missile Defense and the Pentagon’s “Little Helpers”, Next Stop Somalia?, Clean Diamond Bill Passes

November 12, 2001: Uzbekistan, Colombia, The School of the America’s, The Joint Strike Fighter, and More

October 11, 2001: The War Against Terrorism

September 24, 2001: A Whole New World, Faceless Terrorists, Bush’s War, A Blank Check for the Pentagon, Missile Defense, and More

September 19, 2001: Indonesia Update

August 21, 2001: Stability AND Peace in Indonesia: A Challenge for President Bush and Megawati

August 20, 2001: U.S. “Supplier of Choice” for Weapons Sales

August 17, 2001: Missile Defense Test Update, Small Arms Conference, DRC Peace Process, Sierra Leone, Odds and Ends

July 11, 2001: Upcoming Missile Defense Test and Plans for New Testing Facilities, Frida’s Report from the Star Wars Conference, Mellman Poll on Missile Defense

June 20, 2001: U.S. Restores Military Ties with Indonesia, Fighter Planes to Chile, FAS Fun Arms Trade Facts, HRW Child Soldiers

June 18, 2001: Bush on the Hill and in Europe, Powell in Africa, UN Small Arms Meeting, New Resources and Articles

May 14, 2001: Ballistic Missile Defense in the Bush Defense Review: Problems and Prospects, and Briefing Book on: The Bush Administration’s Strategic Defense Review

May 7, 2001: Bush Administration Appointments

April 30, 2001: Bush’s Missile Defense Speech: Ideology Trumps Reality

April 26, 2001: Stop Bolton

April 9, 2001 – Commentary: Bush on China: “Give It A Rest”

April 9, 2001 – Commentary: Otto J. Reich: Bad for Latin America

March 7, 2001: Cease Fire In DRC, Sierra Leone Update, Ten Years After the Gulf War, the Militarization of Space, New Resources – including: Just the Facts, Stopping the Torture Trade, and the State Department Human Rights Report, and more

January 31, 2001: Colombia Update, US-Indonesia to Resume Military Ties, Pending F-16 Sale to Chile, Aid to Indian Earthquake Victims

January 29, 2001: Highlights from Rumsfeld Confirmation Hearings, Analysis of Rumsfeld II – The Space Commission, and The State of War and Peace

January 10, 2001 – Press Release: Rumsfeld Reconsidered: An Ideologue in Moderate’s Clothing

December 18, 2000: In Memory of Lars Erik Nelson, George W. On Nukes, Corporations Swindle the Government, the Military-Movie-Industrial Complex, Short Takes, Campaigns, Upcoming Events, and Resources

November 22, 2000: Nulcear Report Card, President Clinton Grilled on WBAI, Colombia: More Money, More Weapons, More Drugs

November 2000: Profiling Small Arms Companies – Alliant Techsystems, Colt, Denel, FN Herstal, Heckler & Koch, and Saco

October 24, 2000: Globalization of Peace Conference, Stubborn Things and New Reports on Sea-Based Missile Defenses, Clusters of Death, and Recent ATRC News Coverage

October 11, 2000 – Commentary: Stop Throwing Money at the Pentagon

October 10, 2000 – Media Advisory: Passage of “Mini-Nuke” Provision could lead to the Development of New Nuclear Weapons and the Resumption of Nuclear Testing

September 26, 2000: NMD Update and the North Korea “Threat,” Update on Africa – Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, Sri Lanka’s Long War, Resources and Upcoming Events

September 22, 2000 – Media Advisory: Lawmakers, Guns, and Money: HR 4986 Boosts Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers

August 30, 2000: New Address and Contact Information for the Arms Trade Resource Center, What’s Happening in the 2000 Elections, Upcoming Actions and Events

August 11, 2000 – Commentary: Blue Dogs, Pork and Morality

July 31, 2000: Republican Convention, Cheney – Moderate or Militant?, and Lockheed Martin and the GOP

July 7, 2000 – New Report: Nuclear Missile Deception: Corruption and Conflicts of Interest in the National Missile Defense Test Program

June 23, 2000: Kosove One Year Later, U.S.-Trained Forces Involves in Colombia Massacre, Greed and War in Africa, Missile Defense Update, Lockheed Martin Profile

June 1, 2000: WHAT IS REALLY DRIVING THE MISSILE DEFENSE DEBATE?, An exchange of ideas between pro- (Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy) and anti- (William Hartung of the World Policy Institute) NMD analysts, Global Beat Issue Brief No. 59. [This is an edited transcript of a telephonic press briefing organized by the Center for War, Peace, and the News Media]

May 23, 2000: Check out your Representative and Senators missile defense voting records, as well as the total defense campaign contributions they’ve received.

May 16, 2000: New Name, Same Shame: School of America’s Bill and Colombia Aid Package Update

April 24, 2000: What does National Missile Defense mean to the Non-Proliferation Treaty?

April 7, 2000: Colombia Aid Package, IMF/World Bank Protests, Keep Space for Peace, NPT Review Conference, WPI/Nation/Foreign Policy in Focus Forum, and Recent News Coverage

March 15, 2000: Kosovo One Year Later, UN Small Arms PrepCom, Missile Defense Fraud, Lobbying for Helicopters

February 22, 2000: Clinton’s Military Budget, New Human Rights Watch Report: Kosovo, A Humanitarian War?, Meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister, Lloyd Axworthy, New 60 minutes segment “The Missilers”, Russian and U.S. Subcritical Tests

February 1, 2000: Pending Arms Sales To Turkey, U.S. Military Aid Package for Colombia, School of Americas Update, Recent Resources and Activities of the ATRC, Other Resources: Candidates, Guns, and Money, Nota Bene: Alan Keyes in the Mosh Pit

January 24, 2000: New Report Documents U.S. Role in Fueling African Conflicts; Recommends Shift Towards Economic Assistance and Preventive Measures Over Pushing Arms and Military Training

December 9, 1999: WTO and the Globalization of the Arms Industry, the OSCE and Human Rights in Turkey, Military Aid to Colombia, School of Americas Protest

November 19, 1999: New Resources, ABM Treaty Under Fire, Military Budget Busts Loose

October 27, 1999: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Arming Repression, New Resources

September 21,1999: Back from South Africa, East Timor, Budget Priorities, F-22 Update

August 26, 1999

August 6, 1999

July 1, 1999

June 4, 1999

May 10, 1999

April 20, 1999

March 11, 1999


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